Was registered by the corporate Affairs commission federal republic of Nigeria under companies and allied matters decree no 1,1990 part c incorporated trustees with corticated of registration no. 9463 in may 1996. The trustees of the church are rev. O.M OKORIE, mother E.O OKORIE The full name of the ministry is the two temple spiritual healing home of the living GOD ELU-UGWU House of Joseph, Enugu. The public notice publication for its registration by corporate affairs commission was in three Nigerian news papers:

a) Daily champion, Monday, February 24, 1994 page twenty one

b) New Nigeria, Thursday, February 24 1994 page fifteen

c) Vanguard, Wednesday, February 23, 1994 page nine

The head quarters of the church is in Enugu, Enugu state Nigeria. Its worship hall is situated at no 3 Joseph close, off ozubulu street independent layout Enugu, the residence of the general overseer; REV. ENGR. OKORIE OBI M. is also there. House of Joseph ministries two temple spiritual healing home of the living GOD elu-ugwu is established by the lord JESUS CHRIST, through the HOLY SPIRIT to meet the divine spiritual needs of GOD’s people on earth, to point GOD’s people to their creator by means of preparations to usher in the 2nd coming. It was prophet Hosea who gave voice of GOD’s lamentation on the destruction of his people due to lack of adequate knowledge of the spiritualness of world and its fullness thereof. So a GOD that is spirit, saw this spiritual deficiency in his people through the parches and prophets, then his only begotten son JESUS CHRIST and now the HOLY SPIRIT, the promised comforter to educate his people on the urgent need for them to develop their divine spirit aspect adequately In order to contend effectively with the adversaries, enemies of GOD and man, Lucifer and his agencies , who usually take undue advantage of this spiritual in adequacy of man in working to disrupt if possible terminate or delay to a ruining point, the 2nd coming of JESUS CHRIST, in continuation of the very rebellion which he started in heaven. This ministry is established to bring to the knowledge of man the realization of the fact that Lucifer, later called the devil when iniquity was found in him is a spirit and as such tries to counterfeit an act of GOD in embodying human beings and posses them using them as his tools in carrying out nefarious, very heinous acts in the midst of human beings. Satan, the devil through his human agency is responsible for all the ills that has befallen and mar man on earth. Having realized the extent of damage Satan can inflict on man on earth, JESUS CHRIST embarked on an enlightenment campaign called the gospel of JESUS CHRIST. in one of his crusade called the sermon on the mount in the book of Matthew chapter five JESUS CHRIST taught an all uncompressing lesson about life on earth, human character and traits, your life style and what you could expect from it, what you as a good spirited person or a true Christian stands for In the committee of humans, that is your Satan can be either for good or for bad . it will be for good if you live a life style that enables JESUS CHRIST to dwell in you through the HOLY SPIRIT and be the one that actuate you to do what so ever you are doing and it will be for bad if you live a life style that enables Lucifer, the devil, Satan to be the one that actuates you to do what so ever you do In life in the midst of human beings. JESUS CHRIST went on in that very general message to explain to man that your inability to obey simple natural laws is because you have allowed the counterfeit spirit Lucifer, the devil, Satan to be in control of you instead of him JESUS CHRIST, the HOLY SPIRIT to be in control of you. In that chapter five of Matthew , JESUS comprehensively touched on all the aspects of our living that are constituting problems for us today, he showed us how we can be free from them if only we will hear him, do what he says, emulate and follow the life model he exemplified for us on earth. See how he dwell on issues of keeping the law of the society and not break it, he started with himself first as a law keeper and not a law breaker, mat 5:17-20, which emphasis the need for people to first examine other people, teaching that you must do what so ever you will with a self example, see to it that you have lived, you are living a life of holiness and righteousness before you can count yourself qualified on how we transcend (go beyond the limits or powers of) the natural laws mat 5:21-22 here he drew our minds from the action (which here is the act of killing) to the root cause of the action (which here is the anger or being angry) which means that killing will not be if there be no anger or if there be no tendency of being angry. Meaning that we should do our best to get rid of anger or at least control it. anger is a trait, it is a part of your character and so it could be seen in your life style, so it is one of the icon in you which the devil and his agencies can click on and place you under their manipulating powers propelling you into actions, JESUS knows all these devices of the devil, hence he wants us through living a Holy and Righteous life to develop our divine spirit which we inherited at birth by feeding with the food and fruit of the spirit GAL 5:22-23. Anybody who is able to manifest these traits in his/her character will be able to live a CHRIST like life on earth. Vs 19-21 give another type of traits that could also be manifest in the character of an individual which the bible calls the work of the flesh. These two types of characters are seen in people, the one in Gal 5; 22-23 which are love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance, are character traits that will keep you out of trouble, give you a lifestyle that JESUS CHRIST and GOD loves and cherish, they are the character traits that will make you CHRIST-like, they are the character traits that will place you in the right path that leads to Heaven or the Kingdom of GOD, a place that still retains its CHRIST constituents and attributes in the fullest. On the other hand, JESUS CHRIST tells you that if you allow the character traits in Gal 5; 19-21 ; adultery, fornication, uncleanliness, lasciviousness, idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, wrath, emulations,, strife, seditions, heresies, envy, murders, drunkenness, reveling, to develop in you and have a firm grip on your life and controls your life style on earth, not only will you always be in trouble, it will also make you to have joy and a liking in doing evil and bad things to people. It will make you to always be joyful when you plunge your fellow humans in trouble, hardship, suffering, pain, heartbreak, it makes you no longer have feelings for the good of your fellow human being, it develops you into an animalistic tendency, because those traits came into creation through the relationship that took place between Eve a created real human being and the Serpent of the Bible which is created Beast of the bush or field. That is why when someone behaves badly, His friends could make a mockery of him by saying, look please does not bring that your animalistic tendency here. See how people romance and make love in the open, on the streets, in the car, in the midst of people, no shame, no feeling of absurdity, or wrong feeling because it is only a Beats that makes love in the open. Majority of world leaders today have developed the above traits of character as seen in Gal 5:19-21that is why you see them in nations like Nigeria with so much abundance of natural resources still with her citizens in abject poverty, suffering, hardship, lack, unemployment, because anyone with these traits is ruled by the Devil. The Devil does not want anything good; he does not want GOD’s Children to be comfortable. Any nation that has comfort, if you trace the origin of the comfort, you will discover that the principles and acts that brought about the state of being comfortable was put in place by people, leaders who have he traits or character seen in Gal 5: 22-23 and their counterparts who came after them with traits of character as seen in Gal 5; 19-21 have always hacked on what people of Vs 22-23 put up to see if they can destroy it bringing a kind of hardship back to the people, through mismanagement of resources, looting of the treasury, which we call corruption. When you are a good spirited person and fail to exercise your long suffering and continue to long to be on the fast lane to fame and becoming a famous person any which way, you are likely to miss the way and end up in a cult or evil society like LUDGE, OGBONI, ECK, and many others. These bodies or organizations transforms your Gal 5: 22-23 into Gal 5: 19-21 through the various initiation rites that you are meant to pass through to become a member. Many people did not know this secret until they are captured by that transformation. This is why JESUS CHRIST gave a clarion call to all involved saying ‘’ even if your sin is as black as charcoal, that he is able to make it or turn it around to be white, whiter than snow’’. Moses was once in this condition in Pharaoh’s palace having being initiated in preparation to becoming the next Pharaoh, when providence removed him from the palace into the wilderness, he passed through a process of divine cleansing until GOD saw him fit to appear to him. In like manner , apostle Paul had some elements of these initiates when he was working on the enemy side of GOD when he persecuted and killed millions of Christians prior to his arrest and conversion by the HOLY SPIRIT, Mary Magdalene was an evil spirit possessed woman who seduced men into adultery with her and by so doing, only GOD knows what she uses this act to destroy in the Men’s life and when she was about to be doomed by this seditious act of hers, she ran to JESUS CHRIST and surrendered herself to him and pleaded for Mercy, forgiveness. JESUS acted on her and she was cleansed and transformed back from her Gal 5: 19-21 to Gal 5: 22-23. I have given you the little above for you to quickly know that the House of Joseph Ministries as said above is an art of GOD to establish a place and a people for himself that is known and called by him his name on earth. It is prepares Men who are ready to be Ushered into the second coming. Many people appears to be with GOD not minding THE aspersions that Lucifer has thrown on the things of GOD but because such people have not been given the right teaching and preparation, Lucifer has continually made things to appear as if they are per the lies he has advanced against GOD and JESUS CHRIST . House of Joseph Ministries makes things about GOD and JESUS CHRIST clear and simple just as it has been in the beginning and equally make it more practical to you as it applies to your individual life and as it fits in the generation of the 21st Century and beyond. When JESUS CHRIST as the only begotten son of a living GOD ‘’JEHOVA ALMIGHTY’’ have an encounter with you in the House of Joseph Ministries (the turning of the face of the father to the children part-one mission or work or calling of John the Baptist) or in other words, you have an encounter with JESUS CHRIST in the House of Joseph Ministries (the turning of the face of the children to the father part-two mission or the calling of John the Baptist). The part-one mission or calling of John the Baptist was fulfilled or accomplished in the first advent when JESUS CHRIST first came on earth more than six million years ago, since then, when he first loved you and I, have we reciprocated that love? The HOLY SPIRIT since has been wooing the heart of man, which JESUS CHRIST described as his standing at the door knocking, waiting to see who will open for him to come in. House of Joseph Ministries lets you know that due to the fall of our first parents Adam and Eve , all men inherited the tendencies of Gal 5: 19-21 but in CHRIST JESUS, all men also inherited the tendencies of Gal 5: 22-23, you must work and make efforts towards achieving it but many individuals have failed to work and live in Gal 5:22-23 because some preachers wrongly presented to them the meaning of JESUS CHRIST’s statement on the cross when he said ‘’it is finished’’. Also JESUS CHRIST said, if you follow me, these things that they did unto me, they will do it unto you for a servant is not greater than his master. He Ministry ‘’House of Joseph Ministry’’’ teaches that JESUS CHRIST life, his character traits and his life style on earth demonstrates to every individual on earth who wants to inherit and live in the Kingdom of Heaven how he/she ought to live his /her life on earth so that he/she will be qualified to be counted worthy so that the character traits and life style of JESUS CHRIST is seen and understood by her members as their model. Their example, their standard format of life which they must follow precept b percept, step by step until they attain perfection, so members of House of Joseph understand that making Heaven is not as easy and simple as many people who misunderstood JESUS statement ‘’it is finished’’ thought rather members of the House understood that a lot is expected from whoever that embark on heavenly journey, because Lucifer, Satan and his cohorts and agent will fight you, attack you, persecute you, make things very difficult for you, oppress you, aledge falsely against you, report you falsely to the authority, invade your finances, crumble your business, strike you with ill health but in all, JESUS CHRIST sees you through them all if and only if you are following him correctly. Following JESUS CHRIST correctly, you must realize that you do not have to follow him as you like rather you have got to find out how he wants himself followed and make sure you are following him exactly that way, no more, no less. House members know from experience that the reason why it is proper to follow him properly is for any war, attack, persecution, oppression, etc matted out on you for and while you follow him to receive a recompense because such things will fall on him directly and not to on you as a person because if it do fall on you as a person, it might hurt you, hence he said, if you do these things to any of my own, you do it unto me. Hence the word, by my stripes you are healed’’. In House of Joseph Ministries when you have an encounter with JESUS CHRIST after he had encountered with you, we realize and observe that the first thing he would normally do is to first bring us to a real knowledge of our environment, beginning with your very self and the way he will deal with you through the HOLY SPIRIT utterances, you will realize that you do not even know yourself, after making you to know in reality who you are and how you have aided many of the things that people have done to you, he will extend the lead and beam a light on you r family starting with your parents, siblings, relations, colleagues, business associates, market and trading partners, school and class mates, friends, etc. he goes to your health and when he might have restored you health wise, he finally addresses your finances, business, trade, your source of living. All of these issues take time because as he always tells us through the HOLY SPIRIT, he is never in haste for anything because he is not running a fast food joint. So it takes being a full member of the Ministry for you to have enough time to be with the HOLY SPIRIT in order to gain most from him. It is important to know that when the HOLY SPIRIT in the House of Joseph begins to deal with you many of the things he lets you know about the people in your life are acquired one way or the other from the peoples dealings with you that coincides with certain things he has asked you to look out for, for instance, he once told someone, now that you have come here and I have told you certain things, those that are after you have seen that you have had an encounter with me, they have been working against this meeting but now that it has eventually taken place, when you get home be very observant, you will notice those who are angry and restless, then know these are the people you have to be very careful with. Cosmos’s case was typical example, when the HOLY SPIRIT told him so much about his household; he was dumbfounded that he started planning his mind on how he was going to send the woman packing as soon as he gets home. Disappointedly, he was warned not to send anybody away and that he should not even let anybody know at all what had been revealed to him. Cosmos got home and remained calm. Meanwhile in another revelation, the HOLY SPIRIT told him that a woman very close is going to get worked up over nothing, she will star complaining of this and that and finally will tell you that she wants to spend that year’s Christmas with the children at home in the village, do not object and Cosmos did exactly that. When the woman eventually came up with the proposal, Cosmos told her saying ‘’woman, you know that for some years now my business has been down and you also know that I doo not have money, now that you are proposing to travel home with the children for Xmas, how do we fund the trip? Cosmos said that he presented this hopeless situation to see if that will dissuade her from embarking on the journey but just like the HOLY SPIRIT revealed to Cosmos, the woman is running away, she has discovered in the spirit realm that Cosmos has had an encounter with the HOLY SPIRIT and she can no longer hide. The HOLY SPIRIT told Cosmos that when she might have traveled with the children, on getting home, that she will go to village and to Cosmos’s village and after some time, she will go and dump the children with Cosmos’s mother in the village, which was exactly what she did. It is important to know that Cosmos case with the woman that left him with his children and later dumped the children went far, on one occasion, Cosmos discovered that all his credentials were missing, including his money, he said he had searched everywhere in the house except the room the woman was using, which is always on luck and key with the key constantly tied to the woman’s waist that cosmos does not get access to the room without her consent. Cosmos tried to make a force about it but it resulted in a terrible fight that led to her using a standing mirror to smash his head and he was rushed to the hospital. When the wound healed, hairs no longer grew on that part of his head leaving a baldness at that part of the head which when you see you will think that Cosmos is bald not knowing that it’s a result of a wicked act. When Cosmos had complained to the Lord that his credentials were missing, the Lord answered and told him that he had heard and added that he should be observant and always go to the house and the sitting room anytime he notices that the woman is out, which Cosmos started doing after several days, he got home as the HOLY SPIRIT had instructed that and surprisingly he saw the bunch of keys that the woman had been typing to her waist lying on the floor in the middle of the sitting room, he quickly and joyfully picked it, tried it on the padlock of the locked room and it opened and he rushed in, saw her box packed, he opened the box searched, saw all his credentials, and some money where she neatly placed them at the bottom of the box and packed her cloths on top. Cosmos called immediately from the scene to report to the lord what is happening, and told the lord that he has taken his credentials already and he wants to collect the money too, but the lord told him not to take the money. He should quickly lock back the room with the padlock and keep the key where he saw it, which cosmos did. It is always good to follow the lord’s directives implicitly and to always be in tone with his will on the very issue, this is where humans are getting it wrong why sometimes things go wrong. If cosmos had collected the money without asking the lord, the HOLY SPIRIT to know what his will be on it, he may probably be offending in the spirit realm without his knowing and this is where most human problems lies when it comes to issues of GOD – man relationship and man- man relationship. Notice that cosmos calling on the lord, the HOLY SPIRIT to say that his credentials are missing and the HOLY SPIRIT giving him a word of knowledge on how he should go about it is GOD-man relationship, cosmos going to the house when the woman is out, collecting his credentials, wanting to collect the money too that he saw in the packed box is man-man relationship. Only GOD knows what the woman would have done with cosmos credentials and documents. Cosmos would have had difficulties in registering many of the companies that he runs today including doing other thing that may have involved those credentials and documents. You may be having this type of problems today in your house, know that the lord is able and with him all things are possible, and see how he made it possible for the key to drop from the woman without her knowing. When he directed cosmos to be going to the house every day when he noticed that the woman is out, cosmos didn’t know why that instruction was given but he obeyed and the result came, again if cosmos had not been going to the house immediately, if he had delayed, the woman may find out the key had dropped and start racing home to find it. That is why it is very important to follow HOLY SPIRIT instructions implicitly. Anything the HOLY SPIRIT asked to do, does it well for only then will the expected result come. Many people have a way that when they hear from the HOLY SPIRIT they go about doing it their own way, the way that it is easy for them, it fails you do not follow the HOLY SPIRIT that way and this is why many people think that the HOLY SPIRIT has failed them where as in truth, the people are the ones that has failed themselves and the HOLY SPIRIT. Be sure you know the GOD you are worshipping and serving.