Evil possessed parents are busy using their evil powers to control and manipulate their sons and daughters to their evil advantage but to the disadvantage of the sons and daughters, and the sons and daughters know it not. Visualize where a mother, an evil mother has already sacrificed the good marriage opportunity of their senior daughter in the coven because she hates her and does not want it to appear to be doing so, she resorted to match-mating her daughter in the evil spiritual realm to someone they know very well that is not her true husband. What they want to achieve is for the poor girl not to remain with them at home and seen by the outsiders that their daughter did not get married at all and is staying in her father’s house which is what they actually wanted in reality. So, they spiritually plan this short lived marriage relationship for her, push her into it, arrange physically for the false marriage ceremony to be big, all amounting to the more you look the less you see. She moves over to her 'husband’s house', that night there was a big quarrel and fight, the first sign that all is not well, in another two or three years, the marriage has broken up completely and the girl is back to the father’s house which is the real intention. Now outsiders are no longer aware that the girl has returned to her father's house, even if they are, they are not interested. To them, the girl got married but the girl is back to square one, staying in her father’s house prostituting with numerous men coming to the father’s house to prostitute with her , she cannot help it, she is looking for consolation any which way. The world is full of mysteries and spiritual manipulations, if you do not center your life in Christ and make Him your anchor, people will sink the boat of your life and plunge your world in a sea of trouble. That is what this evil mother has done to her daughter, except her daughter allows Christ to come into her life to help her out of her mother's entanglement. Are you someone that is in this type of situation now thinking that your world is finished? The Lord Jesus Christ in the House of Joseph Ministries is telling you now that there is hope if only you can believe in Him. He has saved many people from that kind of condition and he can also save you too. All you have to do is to contact us on our help page with your situation and how to reach you, and I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ will help you out. We have a lot of interesting messages on the word of God titled messages or sermons, counseling materials, testimonies, video clips and more that will help build your faith in God through Jesus Christ. Christ Jesus has healed about three or four mad people and one of them is now a family man with children, the other one is now a Pastor with Methodist church Nigeria in Abia State. Do you have people who are mentally not alright? Visit us or contact us and present your case to the Lord Jesus Christ, He will minister to you through His servant in the House of Joseph Ministries Enugu, and tell you what to do. Sometimes, healing might take a gradual process like Mmeregini whose picture and brief story is on our website as a faith building testimony to people with similar cases. On the other hand, healing of such mentally imbalanced people might be very rapid as in the case of Ugochukwu, Elder Mmadubuike’s son in Lodu community who is now the pastor with Methodist church. The decision of how to carry out and perfect a spiritual healing on an individual is purely the prerogative of the Holy Spirit. Healing comes by carrying out the instructions of the Holy Spirit, some of which could be carried out by the servant of God, the general overseer and some will be carried out by (Holy Spirit selected persons) among those that are taking care of the ill person. In some cases, the Holy Spirit might chase off some of the people giving assistance, like in the case of Chuka’s mother who was struck cripple if He finds them wanting. Chuka’s mother has been carried to many places for healing, all to no avail. But when Ann and honourable Rueben all from Nsukka area carried mama Chuka as we normally call her to the House of Joseph, one of the people, a relation that was taking care of her in all the places they had been to before for healing was chased away by the Holy Spirit, after which revelation from the Holy Spirit lets us know that the young girl was one of the agents being used against Chuka’s mother. Within weeks, Chuka’s mother was healed. It is important to note that Honourable Reuben too was struck with leg problem, he could not stand up easily and could not walk properly. Ann brought him to the church and within weeks, honourable Reuben was healed and that was why he too had to bring Chuka’s mother, knowing that He who healed him, can also heal Chuka’s mother who is his sister. What kind of leg problem do you have? If you believe, you too can be healed. Honourable Rueben and Chuka’s mother were giving instructions of what to do by the Holy Spirit. Chuka and others assisted to carry out this instructions on the mother while in Honourable Rueben’s case, the instructions are not more than what he can do for himself since it all only involves the use of water, soap and oil as directed by the Holy Spirit. The reason some of us with illness does not respond to treatment be it in the hospital or spiritual is that some of the people helping the sick person are those responsible for the illness, so being very much around the ill person they help the devil and evil people to fight against the healing by neutralizing and spoiling the healing art of the Holy Spirit or the medical doctor, so if the servant that the Holy Spirit is using to perform these healing is standing properly with the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit will then be able to show him/her by way of discernment all those pretending to be helping whereas in reality they are the one’s killing the person. Chuka’s mother was shocked with tears rolling down her eyes as she exclaimed at her younger sister, called her by name and said “ so you are the one killing me in spite of all what i am doing for you, so you are the one doing all this to me”. That was how chuka's mother came about knowing who was responsible for her ill health in addition to her being healed. Ann on the other hand came with a protruding tummy that was gradually putting her out of shape, but when the Holy Spirit ministered to her and gave her the water therapy direction, Ann’ tummy flattened. I do not know if you have heard the evil manipulating story of the young girl that a woman gave a small loaf of bread to eat and when she ate it, on getting into her tommy became a black object that blocked her womb and stopped her monthly period as if she had entered her menopause. But Jesus healed her miraculously through a dream experience. There is nothing that Jesus cannot do for you, only believe. Whatsoever your troubles and problems are, with the Lord Jesus Christ, all things are possible, ONLY BELIEVE!!
Gen. 29:15-30 emphasizes the role of one’s character in ones successes or failure in life. In HOJ two, hard work, industriousness, honesty, respect, lawfulness and fear of God are some of the constituents of Jacob’s character that he used in servitude to his father-in-law Laban and God prospered the works of his hand and increased the yield of his Master’s cattle under his care Gen.: 30: 27-30. God will prosper you if you can imbibe these traits in your character. When God endows you and you become blessed, it is expected that you should be a blessing unto others by using your endowment to better your fellow man; this is part of your service to God, which answers the question of many people who wants to know what serving God means. When you use your God’s given endowment, your talents, which constitutes God’s blessings and gift to you plus your fear of God, your holiness, your righteousness, your Christ-like life style in service to your fellow man or woman, meeting up and satisfying their needs and aspirations, bringing joy and happiness with smiles on their faces, which in turn promotes their health, giving them good means of livelihood with peace of mind, you are serving God. This is why Jesus said, I was hungry and you gave me to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me to drink, but you will say Lord where did I give you to eat and drink but I say unto you, so long as you give it to any of these little ones to eat and to drink, you have done it unto me. This is the divine service that man (man or woman) is called upon to fulfill for God in the midst of humanity, which we call serving God. This service type is always God’s focus in endowing and blessing people with diverse gift and this service of man to man is always God’s focus in His overall plan for man not the individual man while He aims at guiding man for him to fulfill this objective, see HOJ One page 2. Many a time man has seen his gift from God, his endowment from God and his blessings from God as his personal materials, wealth, money etc and thus always uses same to satisfy and meet up his personal needs and desires, which is a wrong perception of God’s aim for blessing and endowing him thus the individual has become self centered and selfish with God’s blessings and endowments under his care. He is now starving as many people as God had aimed to benefit from him, the individual is about failing in his service to God and God will not be happy with him. This is the reason why many individual’s resources, money, material have failed and dried up; shut up and there is no prosperity, no increase, and they lament forgetting that they are the cause of their predicament. Many people think that going to church on Sundays or any other day is service to God, no wonder, when you meet a friend on the road on a Sunday and ask him, where are you going? He will quickly answer you, I am going for service, I am going to serve God, because he thinks that going to church is going to serve God. God does not need anybody to serve Him, rather God need people to worship, praise and thank Him. He also need that you serve your fellow man with all what He has blessed you with. Church or prayer house is the house of God symbolized with two divisions or chambers: One division or chamber is the section reserved for God called the inner room or the holiest of holies, the altar side While the second division or chamber is called the outer room or body of the church, the side where the congregation stays. The express church or house of God is the body of an individual human being (man) and is also divided into two: the soul or heart of the individual and the fleshy body of the individual, that is why Jesus said know ye not that thou art the temple of God. In the church whether symbolized or expressed, the inner room, which is represented today by the altar section of a conventional church is where God stays while the outer section represented today as the area where we arrange our pews (chairs) is where man stays. The question might be what do God and man stay here to do in the church? But before we answer this question let us get this clear, man come or go to the church but God is in the church as a spirit, in other words man come or go to the church to meet with God who is in the church. The question again will be what do man come or go to God who is in church to do? Man come or goes to God who is in the church to:  Commune or discuss or talk with Him in prayers, petitions etc  Hear from Him in case He has an information as a guide to give to a person who comes to Him in the church  Praise and worship God as his fundamental duty to God for his creation. Church or house of God is one of the heavenly places where God “art”, see HOJ One. Jesus expanciated on the word church when He was telling the Israelites that a time cometh when those who will worship God will not only do that here in Jerusalem, rather He said that they will be wherever they are and worship His Father who art in heaven. That makes it to be that church is any place, any heavenly place where man and God can meet in the business of monologue, dialogue, prayer, and petition, hear or receive information as guide, praise and worship in fulfillment of man’s fundamental duty to God. A heavenly place is a place where by God’s yard stick, not man’s, there is love, peace, unity, harmony, understanding, fear of God, respect for God, willingness and willful readiness to obey God and do His commandments, where there is a total and complete surrender of oneself to Christ and allowing Christ Jesus to have His way in everything. The status of an individual with God and Christ will make or mare a heavenly place. In other words the presence of God and Christ makes a place heavenly, while the absence of God and Christ from a place makes it hellish. When God and Christ is in a man, the constituents of the man become heavenly and wherever such a man stays and stands is made heavenly as long as the constituents remains and he stays there. Whatsoever he touches under this state is made heavenly, this is the art of consecration, made holy and sanctified, that make holy and separate. I do not know if I have been able to make the difference between serving God and worship to God? Serving God is using all what God has blessed and endowed you with to help mankind, alleviate the suffering and hardship of man, give man a good means of livelihood with the numerous natural resources on earth, which makes you a servant of God the Master or of God the Good Master. Remember Jesus Word on Master and Servant. See all the numerous natural resources that God blessed Nigeria with but where are the good servants of a good Master, who will help their good Master to administer, and manage these resources to the benefit of the good people of a good Master? Look at Nigerian’s Ex –Minister of Petroleum Madueke, is an example of those who sees their endowment, their blessings of God to be for themselves, their children and grandchildren alone; such people turns service from the people to themselves and become self-centered thereby failing in their duties to humanity and thus fail God. On the other hand worship, prayers, petitions, praise, can all be covered in worship and that is what we go or come to church to do, worship and praise are compulsory duties of man to God. Just because of service, man ought to worship and praise God for giving him the enablement to serve Man. You that is the servant who administers and manages God’s resources under your care to benefit the rest man, is not better than those whom you are used to serve, so service should be seen by a right thinking person as a privilege other than a right, it is those who fail to see it as a privilege that mismanages it. So on Sundays, the individual go or come to church to worship God, Praise Him and at times give petitions in form of prayers to God. When you worship and praise God alone on a Sunday or any other day, you reverence, thank, sing songs, pour out your heart and soul filled happiness, joy, gladness to God making Him know that you understand fully what He stands for you, how He is that you live, that you appreciate and know that He is the one that sustains you, providing for you, fighting your unseen and seen battle and granting victories, victories that you know you do not deserve but He granted it to you, so you are worshipping and praising Him because you know and appreciate it. Worship and praise is a time set aside where man let God know that he loves Him in return, and is when man let God know that he fully surrenders to Him, is when man let God know that he faithfully depends on Him for everything, is when man let God know that he has no other God except Him. It is always good to separate worship and praise from prayers and petitions. On a day you have prayers and petitions for God, it is also good to first worship Him, praise Him, before sending your prayers and petitions to Him. Prayers and petitions are often demands and asking from God. So in a nutshell, it is good that when you go or come to God in His house, know whether you come with demands and asking or you come with only praise, worship and thanksgiving. It is good many a times for us to come or go to God with only praise, worship and thanksgiving after which we go home satisfied, no asking and no demanding. How many people can do this? But I assure you when you grow and wax strong in God to the extent that you can do it, it gladdens the heart of God and you will be surprise that He can even in such occasion marvel you by satisfying and doing for you a particular need, demand and desire that you wanted to present to Him on a later date. That is God for you but many people do not know Him to this extent. That is why in my life since I came to know him more, the days I worship, praise and thank Him are far more than the days I ask and demand things through prayer and petitions from Him. Most of the things I have received from Him have come to me when I did not even ask and when I did not even expect. Some of the things I received from God come even when I lost hope like my COREN membership and my membership of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, including my promotion in my work place to an Assistant Director in a Federal parastatal all were a huge surprise to me. He fights my way through and that is why I feel like worshipping, praising and thanking Him alone rather than asking and demanding every time since He has used the ones He did to show me that He knows my needs so why do I boarder myself asking, I rather develop a habit of waiting on Him with praise, worship, and thanks, since I know He will do once it is due. When God sees that an individual has turned “service of God” inwards to self, He turns off the tap temporarily, the supply, to make the individual realize and see if he will turn it outwards as it is to be. Turning off the supply becomes permanent when the individual fails to realize himself, make amends and change from being selfish with God’s resources under his care. These resources that Madueke looted and carted away from Nigeria are resources God aims at using to better the living standard of Nigerian citizens but because Diezani Alison Madueke does not know what real service to God means, just like many other leaders she misused the service opportunity that God gave to her and mismanaged the resources. Watch out, you will see how the tap of her supply is going to be turned off against her. It happened to Governor Ibori of Delta State of Nigeria and today Ibori is undergoing various incarcerations in prison cell in London. Recently we hear Joseph “Sepp” Blatter born 10 March 1936 a Swiss football administrator who has served as the eighth President of FIFA tied to resources and funds mismanagement. There are many others, these are fund and resources that should have been used for the betterment of the people. When you look at football you will agree with me that majority of the “stars” in football, especially from the African countries are illiterates, and is there anything that forbids FIFA to give an unconditional scholarship to these football stars to compulsorily go and study to any level of education to improve themselves? Many of them that excelled in education amid their football profession did that from their personal pocket which is not encouraging. Kanu Nwankwo is being made fun of when it comes to granting him a press interview simply because his English is not internationally okay. He is a star, and FIFA knows it, so why can’t FIFA spend some of its resources to better him from the much that Blatter has to embezzle. If leaders can understand what leadership and proper governance is all about no country will have her citizens in hardship, in suffering, in poverty and in lack. God has bestowed every nation with adequate resources such that if it is properly utilized Jesus Word of “many mansions in His Father’s house” will be realized in every country of the world, and humanity everywhere in the world will be at peace with one another. Another area where world leaders especially those called superpowers are mismanaging God’s resources is in the area of war and destructive weapons. Can you imagine how much these leaders spend in acquiring war and destructive weapons whereas their citizens are starving and are hungry? Why can’t they channel these funds and money to bettering their citizens? Well I say unto you, Iraq, Afghanistan and currently Syria is being bombarded and destroyed, her citizens plunged into severe hardship, suffering and the world superpowers are enjoying their “play of power” a word currently used by America to Russia. Where is this “play of power” with colossal waste of God given resources for the betterment of man going to lead these leaders to? May be according to the word of God that whatsoever you mete out unto your fellow man, it shall be meted out unto you, in equal measure”. In line with this divine word, one day it will be the turn of the superpowers to be bombarded by only God knows who and how and when. For it shall come to pass one day that those who are allies today, shall tomorrow be enemies such that some of the world powers shall come together against one of the world’s most superpowers and they shall together bombard her, so severe that she in turn in defense shall bombard back, that the nations of the superpowers shall be brought to ruin, and when it shall dawn on them that they have all goofed, then they shall begin to call for a cease fire and for a round table peaceful resolution. Not until then, each of them will want to taste this “power play” or “play of power” as America calls it for Russia. But I call it “idiotic resource wastage” by world leaders, which they all will soon be answerable to God and Jesus Christ for. They will all soon be arrayed before the court of God, and do not ask me where and when! Whenever you find yourself in leadership position, please remember that service to God is service to man, you are called to assist God administer His resources for the overall betterment and good of man on earth. Do not allow yourself to be tempted by self thinking that you are blessed for yourself, your immediate family, extended family, friends, well wishers, lovers, relations etc, no, if you do this you are looking inwards, you are being selfish and self centered, and you will be damned. You have to realize that your being called into position of leadership is a blessing from God, and as such you have to realize that “you are blessed in other to be a blessing unto others”, you have to look outwards, you have to put the welfare of the people you are leading first before yourself and those around you, for this is service in the right direction. Joseph in leadership position in Egypt would not have remembered his siblings, if they had not come to buy food in Egypt. Today once many of us find ourselves in leadership position, the first thing we do is remembering all people around us, which the Bible calls our “Lots” a word derived from the circumstances of Abraham and his brother Lot. Remember all the troubles Abraham passed through are simply because he carried his brother Lot along. Whenever we stupidly carry our Lots along they are the one that puts us into diverse troubles that will not cease until we learn how to “separate” from them. Tell world leaders to take it easy, tell the UN to be what she is established to be and stop playing politics. Tell America that her problems are the blacks and many Muslim immigrants that she has granted citizenship. Tell America that she played too “sweet” forgetting to realize that I God said in the Bible, “if you are too sweet, the world will lick you all off”. Now that America has become too sweet, they are trying to lick her all off. A time cometh and that time is very near, all blacks in America shall be driven away out of America, so blacks that do not want to be taken unawares including some other foreigners should start planning how to relocate out of America before it is late. Tell America that the Lord God Almighty said, that if she does not want to witness what I want to say now with a song, she should restrategize and revisit her foreign policies and some of her internal policies, especially those ones that has to do with governance and granting foreigners citizenship in America. America should not allow people that are not of “pure” America blood to rule America. These “impure “Americans by gene do not have the genealogical traits in their stuff and stock as Americans and as such said the Lord, I cannot use them to realize the aims of the founding fathers of America. That thing that I want to say with a song is: American has fallen, fallen, fallen American has fallen to rise no more! This song will come to pass if America do not re strategize, revisit her foreign policies and restructure her constitution especially on the area of who becomes a president in America. Tell America to “watch her back”, otherwise, said the Lord, it shall come to pass that many world powers such as: Russia, China, may be France, many of the Arab world and others shall constitute themselves ‘’enemies’’ of America and they shall team up together to fight America from diverse directions and when America shall eventually see that it appears these people want to overpower her, shall so “fight a once and for all fight” that shall devastate the whole earth and shake its pillars, the fight shall be so severe that if “Christ come not quickly “ as He promised, things might get out of hand. But because Christ shall come quickly, the destructive war weapons shall fail the leaders of the world powers and this shall force them to a negotiating table. When this shall come to pass, tell Africa to show her love, by feeding the world. This is why it is important said the Lord that African leaders to embrace mechanized agriculture for mass food production because said the Lord; I want to use Africa to save the world and to bring about global peace just as I used Egypt to save the world of that time from famine starvation. Nigeria should awake in this responsibility. Tell Nigerian government and the state government of Ebonyi and Enugu not to allow people from Israel, China, India or the Mediterranean area to occupy any land in Ebonyi state, this will lead to trouble with time in connection with resources deposits. Nigerian government and that of Ebonyi state should know that these are people far advanced in technology, they can use their instrument to site a resource deposit and because of that want to acquire the land without your knowing and when eventually you find out that you have being out smarted, it will be late. Nigeria should watch her constitution said the Lord God Almighty so that it does not turn to be a “slicing knife”. Do not ask what a slicing knife mean, you use a slicing knife to slice your bread is it not? So if Nigeria does not watch her constitution properly and all activities that has to do with it, it might become the slicing knife that will slice Nigeria first into three, four, or more slices, with each slice claiming autonomy and later, some of the slices will agree to come together and become one ‘’big delicious slice’’ –THE NEW NIGERIA so called for this counseling material, only the leaders know what they will/might agree to call it then said the Lord. But I see that two or three places will tend to drag the capital of this NEW NIGERIA, namely Enugu, Port Harcourt and Lagos. But tell the NEW NIGERIA leaders and the authority then that I the Lord said it is/will be better and best sited in Enugu. Tell the Northern part of Nigeria Nigerians said the Lord that they should not move out of Nigeria anyhow they want, tell them that I love them said the Lord, and will not want them to take any move that they did not do their home work properly because I foresee that such a move will put them in a situation that will be likened to being enslavished where the kind of freedom that they now enjoy will be no more. Many things are about to happen in Nigeria and the world. The Lord God Almighty said that He is not happy with what man is doing to the earth and its habitants, the fullness there off. Man has turned away from Me, reverencing and worshipping the things that I created as if they are the creator. That is why I have turned loose nature, the things that I created against man said the Lord, and so that man will begin to contend with them and know that they are not the creator. I shall so send/let them loose to come after man to the extent that they shall nearly over run man, then and only then will I step in, and command them to cease or stop and man then shall behold how the creature, shall obey me and stop, and then I must have succeeded to demonstrate to man the difference between I the Lord, the Creator and the things that I created, the creature and then decide who and which he wants to serve, reverence and worship. Tell Nigerians and Nigeria said the Lord that I do not want them to be like America, Russia, and even Britain, China and sometimes France that like destroying cities, houses, infrastructures that cost so much in terms of money, energy and time to build and put in place, tell Nigerians that I do not want them to destroy Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan etc. Tell them to always do whatever they want to do in a peaceful manner or way. Tell them to always seat down in a round table and peacefully discuss either to agree or to disagree. Tell them not to discuss anything or agree on anything with guns and destructive weapons as they did before. Look at what is happening in North Eastern Nigeria today said the Lord, it is nothing but the handiwork of few too ambitious people, a thing they started like a “play of power” according to America, has today become something else. One group that is now favored wants it stopped, the other group is saying aha, because you have gotten what you want so you want it stopped, no, we will not stop because we have not gotten what we want. Tell Nigerian politicians to be very careful said the Lord, let them not kill themselves, because a time cometh due to the level of incessant killing of politicians, politicians will run and abandon politics and even if you ask somebody I thought you are a politician he will deny just like the way Peter denied Jesus. So Nigerian government should be at alert to guide against this issue of political killings. The 82 Division of Nigerian Army Enugu should always be at alert so that Eastern part of Nigeria will not be invaded by insurgence. I will empower and help the 82 Div. to save the situation said the Lord as at that time. False service of God on earth has brought about false use of resources on earth resulting to total hardship, suffering, poverty and enslavishment of man. Recall that earlier in this write up we have talked about the soul or heart of man as part of the whole individual that make up man as the house of God. Let it be known that apart from the soul and the body, there is the spirit, so man is made up of the body, the soul and the spirit. The spirit part of man is what enables him to have communication or connection with the spirit world or realm. The spirit realm or world is of two parts, the negative spirit realm or world and the positive spirit realm or world. The general Overseer of the positive spirit realm or world is Jesus Christ via God Almighty Jehovah, while the general Overseer of the negative spirit realm or world is Lucifer popularly called Satan. The negative realm of the spirit world is hell while the positive realm of the spirit world is heaven. Life in heaven is very blissful, while life in hell is tortuous. It is because of the tortuous nature of life in hell; hence the Holy Spirit is working hard to save mankind from heading to hell, which is why the only begotten Son of the Most High God Jehovah Almighty Jesus gave His life as a sacrifice on the cross. The soul of man is that side of him that deals with man’s feelings, passion, desire and appetites which the Bible calls life. See Gen. 1:20. You can now see that the soul of man is the center of thought and decision. Through feelings, passion or love, desire and appetite a man decides either for good or bad. No wonder Jesus said what it shall profit a man to gain the whole world and loose his soul. In other words, Jesus is saying, what shall it profit you man if you use your soul to feel, love, desire and eat all the goodies of the world and end up losing your soul or destroying yourself. That is why everything that Christ is doing today appeals to the soul or is directed to the soul of man, knowing that it is through the soul that a man is destroyed. It is very important for him to be very careful of what he feels with his soul. Man has got to be careful of his feelings, his love life called passion, what he desires in terms of want/need and his appetite in terms of his eating habit. Remember that eating includes eating and drinking. The soul of man is the center of: feelings, passion or you call it love, desire or you call it needs or wants, and appetite or you call it eating and drinking. Through any of these tendencies or windows, man can be destroyed, can be rendered useless both physically and spiritually that is why so much is being said about it for your alertness. The spirit aspect of man is the most valuable part of man and that is the part of him which he uses in communicating with the spirit of God in other to have interactions with God. When Lucifer failed and was banished from heaven, he was thrown down to earth where he established his dark Christ- less kingdom called the fallen world, occupying almost 3/4 of earth. Any man that is not conscious of his Christ content wallows in the fallen world ruled by Lucifer and his agents. Lucifer and his agents struggles, trying to deprive of man his spirit through contamination, rendering it an apostate spirit, a counterfeit spirit from the original divine spirit that God created it, by introduction of a beguiling charm or substance figured in the Eden Apple. Today man has been made an apostate spirit through what Lucifer and his agents administered to him through his appetite (eating and drinking) a content of his soul. Lucifer and his agents in order to render God’s plan to redeem man a failure has carried out numerous attacks focus on the spirit of man in order to render man unable to interact and communicate with Christ and God through his (man’s) spirit because he knows that once he succeeds to spoil man’s spirit by rendering it an apostate spirit, man will not be able to have and enjoy interactions/communications again with his creator God who is a spirit and thus will be cut off from divine guidance to his complete ruin. That was what he tried to do to Jesus on the cross and failed, when he wanted to administer vinegar to Him. That was what he through man’s sin which Jesus bore/took over aimed to cutting Him off from His Father in heaven, but when he realized that sin of the world people which Jesus bore could not severe Him from His Father in heaven, he resorted to severe Him with vinegar wanting to take advantage of His appetite (in terms of thirst) because He was getting dehydrated from the sweats of His pains. So as a true Child of God with your divine spirit purity still intact, be very careful with your soul, through the content of your soul: feelings, passion or love, appetite or eating and drinking know that you are open to being converted through spiritual attacks to being an apostate spirit man from the divine spirit man that God created you to be from your mother’s womb. It is through this process that many people have become witches and wizards, including “ogbanje”, “abikun” etc. it is this evil spirit that cult, freemasonry, Eckankan, Ogboni, etc converts your God given divine holy spirit to, once you join them and become an apostate spirit person different from the divine spirit man God created you to be and thus you can no longer be able to do any good thing anymore, no matter how zealous you may be, hence our today’s leaders cannot do any good thing for the people. However, this is what he did to Adam and Eve in Eden through the serpent beguilement and the eating of the Apple and thus rendered them apostate spirit human different from the divine spirit man and woman that He created them, that was why they were banished from the earth–heaven called Eden, and since then this earth-heaven environment was withdrawn by God from earth, awaiting its return when Jesus Christ will appear in His 2nd Advent Mission. Consequent to the failure of the patriarchs and prophets, apart from Jesus Christ, Lucifer and his agents have not allowed any man or woman hundred percent development of their divine spirit content to the extent that God can use it as He used Jesus’, the prophets like John, Elijah, Moses, David, Samuel, etc tried but Lucifer has constantly invaded man’s soul, making it difficult for development especially since the 18th centuries till date. But let us see how far we are going to go now that God has started the preparation in man that will usher in the 2nd Advent. Current witches and wizards should not be discouraged rather let them know that activities in coven are a direct opposition to activities in Heaven. Coven is where Lucifer forces man under his beguilements to fight and destroy activities in heaven thus furthering the rebellion which he started in heaven to make God’s plan for man not to work out. So coven members should resist Lucifer, rebel against him, it is true he will fight you very seriously as he has always done, but I assure you, if you are sincere, God will come to your rescue and you will gain heaven. Moses, Magdalene, Paul are examples of those who resisted Lucifer and God assisted them to overcome. Peace be unto you all.
Apepi, a shepherd king, pharaoh of Egypt during Joseph’s time when he was sold as a slave boy by his jealous and envious brothers championed by Simeon who was cruel, wicked and the most jealous of Joseph, had many cattle See Gen. 47:6 and that was why he was in love with Joseph’s brethren who also were shepherds. In life once you share some similarities with someone, there is every tendency that your issues and the issues of such a person will complement and harmonize together to some extent, which was why Joseph and his brethren were accepted and welcomed by Pharaoh Apepi of Egypt. The question here is, in your life have you tried to consider the various relationships that you have kept, to see if you share some similarities with the people? It is important to check your business partners to see if you share any similarities with him or her, finding out if they are like Simeon who will want to kill or sell you off simply because he is jealous of you or are they like that of Judah who gave a heartbreaking plea to his younger brother Governor Joseph of Egypt on why they cannot leave Benjamin behind as he is demanding because their father cannot bear it again. See Gen.44:18-34. Remember that Jemuel and Jachin whose names are always changing to Nemuel, Num. 26;12, and Jarib 1 Chr. 4:24 are Simeons sons, see HOJ material one. Also know that the popular Job in the Bible is the son of Issachar, all of them are the sons of Jacob through Leah his wife, sister to Rachel the original wife of Jacob. Leah you know became Jacob’s wife by circumstances with Laban, Leah and Rachel’s father who on discovering the hard work, industriousness, honesty, respect, lawfulness, fear of God in Jacob whose hands prospers things because of God in him does not want to lose Jacob as a servant boy who takes care of his cattle. You can see those bad traits of Laban’s character in Leah, Simeon, Levi. We did not see much of this bad trait of Laban’s character in Rachel except in the stealing away of his father’s gods for fear he will use it to discern their where about in their flight with their husband Jacob. Did God count this act of stealing away her father’s gods as somewhat against Rachel? Rachel died young while giving birth to Benjamin, she did not live very old like Leah. What are the Bibles reasons for her not living very old? Jacob outlined some of it when he tried to compare his age with the ages of his father Isaac and that of his grandfather Abraham in his explanations to pharaoh, he said, Gen 47:7-9, it is true I might look very old to you but I want to let you know that I have not even gotten close to the ages of my father or my grandfather because of what I have passed through in life: adversity, affliction, sadness, sorrow, wretchedness, deprivations, he may have remembered his troubles, bitterness with Esau, Laban, his sons’ actions in selling their brother Joseph, his life in general among the giant nations around him who were multiplying in the land God promised them, his work as a ruler of such a large tribe of people and his life of migration, migrating from place to place without so much as a permanent land to call his own, these were hardships which explains his evil days as stated in the Bible. See Gen. 15:13-15, Acts 7:5-17, Heb. 11:9. The heart of man (be it that of man or woman) is the most important organ in the human body and it determines the state of man either healthy, good looking or otherwise. When hardship begins to tear and wear the heart down, chances of living very old become reduced, this is the information Jacob tried to communicate to all of us in his discussion with Egypt’s pharaoh king Apepi. In whatsoever you are passing through in life, do not let wear and tear to tear down the strength of your heart, but the question is, is it easy not to allow life’s vicissitudes, events and circumstances to bear in our hearts? Abraham got up to 175 years of age See Gen. 25: 7, Isaac got up to 180 years of age see Gen.35:28-29 and Jacob got up to 147 years of age see Gen. 47:28, imagine the reduction from the increase his father gained from his grandfather, as a result of what he passed through in life based on his kind of person, recall that some of these things, he caused it to himself by his actions wanting to run faster than his chi, according to Chinua Achebe. Have you asked yourself if you are on the fast lane of life? Do not say I am a young man, my heart can take stress, No the nature of the heart by God’s design is that the load we bring to bear on it is cumulative( gathers up in the heart) as the years runs on, such that at old age it becomes a terrible consequence to bear. The adversary of man and God the devil knows very well that the only thing that wears and tears down the human heart sharp and fast are those heart aching, heart fearing things we commit, heart breaking actions we dole out on one another, killing, cheating, swindling, fraud, etc that the devil manipulates us to do, knowing that it is the only thing that reduces lifespan. Depending on what he wants to achieve, the devil saddles our hearts with all of these evils and puts our minds in terrible thinking, most of which are how to go about doing them bearing in mind the dangers inherent, hence Jesus admonishes us saying, “take no thought …” He knows that taking these thought wears and tears down our hearts, thus reducing the number of years an individual lives on earth contrary to what God had planned for the individual. Be very careful of what you subjects your heart to in living your life! Take for example, the dragging of the Senate President to the tribunal by the CCB, the truth is, it is humiliating to his position, so no matter how the Senate President wants to play ‘’macho’’ making us feel it is nothing, his heart has taken in a terrible shock, fear, pain, uncertainty whether he will be dethrone or not, his heart has been terribly shaken and it is a dent there that has cut short his life span whether he knows it or not. Mind how you manipulate issues wrongly in your life just because of gains, it boomerangs. God never created man to be in want and lack because He knows that if man finds himself in lack there is every possibility for him to take thought doing one bad thing or the other, hence Jesus warning for man not to take thought (thinking and worries). Since lack and want are the key factor that leads man into thinking and taking thought doing one bad thing or the other, the question is how could man avoid taking thought knowing that it will eventually lead him to doing bad things? In the Scripture, taking thought in a man’s life could be avoided from understanding pharaoh’s two dreams in Gen. 41:1-7, Joseph’s interpretation of the dreams in Gen. 41:25-36, with particular emphasis on verses 33-36 which brings out clearly the importance of resource management in the life of an individual, family, community, state, nation and the world as a whole realizing that in the natural calendar of God and Jesus Christ all processes follows a season, the season of plenty (7years according to pharaoh’s dream Gen.41:2) is always followed by the season of scarcity and want as see in Gen. 41:3-4, the question becomes what do you do with God’s resources made available to you in your life, what kind of management approach do you apply in handling God’s resources in your life. Joseph gave pharaoh a business proposition, as a good management approach as a minister to do his business of governing his kingdom Egypt, his father Jacob did it to( served) Laban his father-in-law in managing his cattle Gen.29:15-30; 30:27-34. Africa is blessed with enough resources to feed the whole world just as Egypt fed the world around her, but where are the Josephs of Africa who will give African leaders the type of business proposition that Joseph gave to pharaoh? As an individual if you fail to manage your God given resources very well, you will lose even the little that you have and end up as a slave of another being, Gen.47:23-26. That is why when man fails to manage his God given resources properly for it to multiply naturally and out of fear goes into the quest of seeking help from unknown beings (cults, diabolic evil wicked societies like Freemasonry, ogboni, Eckanckan, Babylonian, Persian and Egyptian gods and goddesses etc) that you do not understand their modular operandi, they will ruin/enslave you and you end up being their slave in life, dictating what you do, hence you see that leaders that would otherwise have been good, once they are enslaved cannot do good things for the people any more, be very careful. Ask God in Christ to reveal to you as He revealed to Joseph concerning pharaoh and Egypt, you will be glad He will reveal to you and you will in turn be enriched and exalted just as Joseph received an exaltation from a shepherd boy to a shepherd Governor of Egypt in Gen. 41:37-44 without being enslaved by any being, his people were enslaved because they did not know when they over stayed their welcome, not that they sought help from gods, deities, etc. Look at Nigeria today, look at even the whole world, no peace just as Jesus predicted, yet world leaders do not want to tell themselves the truth, they are looking for way forward but they rejected the forward man Jesus Christ (one of the general overseer of the TRUE religion) and His message to mankind. Every nation wants to embrace any religion that sooths her not minding if it is a FALSE or TRUE RELIGION, see Gen.4:3-5. Cain and Abel were the two first general overseers of the TWO main world religions: the false and the true religion. Then tell me how world leaders want to move forward without enthroning the TRUE Religion on earth. If pharaoh Apepi of Egypt had rejected shepherd boy Joseph’s interpretation of his dreams (which was Christ message to pharaoh from a true religion) would he, his country Egypt, and the countries around him that he saved with food been able to move forward? Hunger from the famine would have moved them all backwards to the grave. Remember that all the false religion of Egypt failed to give pharaoh the interpretations of his dream Gen. 41:8. Why could world leaders not seek/ tell themselves the truth as pharaoh Apepi did. Pharaoh Apepi told himself the truth when he discerned divinity in Joseph’s interpretations distinct from the fables of his magicians. Jesus said, thou will know no peace, except thou sayest blessed is He that cometh in the Name of the Lord. Joseph approached the interpretations of pharaoh’s dreams in the Name of the Lord Gen. 41:16. And Joseph answered pharaoh, saying, it is not in me: God shall give pharaoh an answer of peace. Saying Blessed is He that cometh in the Name of the Lord begins with a good understanding of the Holy Bible and a confession in your heart that Jesus is Lord and your personal Savior, which I call a “handshake with the Lord”. Emeka Odimegwu Ojukwu once said, there will be no peace in Nigeria until there is a handshake across the Niger, which he called the beginning of wisdom in Nigeria. Emeka sought for that handshake in the old River state, Saro rejected it, he sought for it again in Midwest, Awo played the politics that earned him the best president Nigeria never had. Was Amnesty to the militants of Niger Delta able to get/give the handshakes, who sigh! It is now about to be reciprocated by the IDPs welfare, just as every item in Nigeria have been reciprocated, with exception of the PTI, the reason why Sony Okosun sang “I want to know who own the Land, My Papa Land! Pharaoh Apepi told Joseph, the land of Egypt is before thee, in the best of the land make thy father and brethren to dwell … as seen In Gen. 47:1-6. Does it mean that our leaders cannot take a lead from pharaoh Apepi, have an open mind, love mankind irrespective of race knowing that our earth journey is,’’ we come and we go’’. No wonder when Igbo leaders wanted to kill themselves out of jealousy that Emeka Ojukwu took the title Eze Igbo Gburu Gburu, he quickly told them that his Eze- ship has no territory, he comes and he goes! Today Ojukwu goes and has gone, that title is dumped there, what if he had allowed the igbo leaders to kill themselves over nothing without giving them that word that brought back senses to their jealousy drained brain—My Eze-ship has no territory, I come and I go? The Igbos was very correct when they likened life on earth as a market, whereby when you finish your own buying and selling you go (that is you die) leaving everything behind and the earth lives on. Can Nigerian leaders shun tribalism, come together in the real sense of togetherness, recognize and respect their various potentials, pull their resources together and act like a real United Nation or a real Federalism with proper Regional Outlets with all potentials of Autonomy so that they can really be the giant of Africa that God has made them. Nigeria’s resources is being mismanaged let Nigerians bear in mind that pharaoh’s dreams have two sides to it, years of plenty and years of famine. If from the seventies (1970s) till date and a little beyond say another 40 or 50 years to come becomes Nigeria’s years of plenty and there is no attempt by her leaders to store (invest for the future as Joseph did for Egypt), what happens if by any act of only God knows what/ when, the years of scarcity comes in? Nigerian leaders are too tribalistic, too selfish, wicked, no patriotism like some of their founding fathers, who never considered quota or federal character but used merit in positioning and citing things they did where they see it necessary, tell me where good thinking leaders of a nation will decide to site an oil refinery where there is no crude oil well and a steel factory or mill where there is no iron ore? What is the economic viability of such a decision and many others of its kind? America and Britain, including many other nations who regards themselves as real and true brothers with many basis why they should be together, does not care about where a particular plant or project is sited provided the economic factors governing the siting of such a project is well considered, and the personnel manning them are selected based on merit and expertise, what they want is to see the venture give them the services for which it is established. No wonder General Gowon rightly said sometime in the seventies (1970s) that there is no basis for Nigeria’s unity, no wonder again her first National anthem was changed because there was no true Brotherhood. In Gen. 47:13-26 emphatically showed that Joseph succeeded in managing pharaoh’s resources in Egypt because God was with him and he had good policies that spelt out honesty, transparency, rule of law, maintaining a SINGLE ACCOUNT under his master the pharaoh that helped to put corruption under check. President Buhari has just ordered the use and operation of a SINGLE ACCOUNT in Nigeria, the question is, those who were operating MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS before what do they have in mind? Policies must be such that works, gainful, good, easy, simple, sustaining, having a continuum. In Joseph’s policies, the features includes: singularity of accounts where all monies are paid in for transparency and accountability, has a business proposition in his management approach in other to sustain the system without a collapse or failure, it has some new positive adjustment that makes it work and continues to work, it is based on certain legal frame work that works on the rule of law, it has some exemptions based on the fear of God. Today, what type of leaders and their policies do we have? The likes of American President Obama, whose leadership style and policies originates from the pit of hell and is a direct opposition and rebellion to the natural laws/will of God? Look at the issue of same-sex marriage of Obama, will Obama say that he is not aware of God destroying the city of Sodom because they practice same-sex marriage Gen. 19:1-38, Rom. 1:27 “the men, leaving the natural use of women, burned in their lust one towards another, men with men …” In their quest for power, fame, position, wealth, money, popularity, show, many leaders of the world today have mistakenly, foolishly, deceitfully, blindly entered into the trap of Lucifer thinking he is “God” as he claims and now are under his absolute control, dictating to them what he Lucifer wants them to be doing, all of which are in direct opposition and rebellion to the will of the Almighty God and His Christ for humanity, demonic will and policies that spelt out hardship, suffering, failure of natural systems to man on earth so that God and Christ will not be able to realize their aims and objectives for creating man. Lucifer started it when he embodied the serpent of Eden and used it to reach Adam and Eve and succeeded to dent their spirit purity by talking them (fans their mind or heart) into longing to do (eat the apple) what God asked them not to do (eat), they now become a captive (slave after eating that) of Lucifer, with him controlling their minds to carrying out his bidding or command in opposition and rebellion to the bidding and command of God and Christ. Today through their membership of various clubs, societies, cults, by omission or commission world leaders in the ceremonial initiating feasting and drinking of these organizations have eaten and drank certain elements/concoctions that represents the apple of Eden which Adam and Eve ate and had their God filled Christ content transformed to an Apostate condition, making them now workers of iniquity with a depraved mind of stone, full of wickedness, hate, no love of their citizens and nations, with the willingness to kill and destroy whatsoever that still retains and contains God and Christ standing on their way because any man/woman that still retains and contains his God and Christ content from birth pure and clean becomes a sort of a reflective mirror on which these Apostate humans sees themselves and does not like the sight, which spells out horror and damnation to them hence in their furry, the Apostate human always seek to kill, eliminate and destroy the Christ filled man, if he has his way just like Cain destroyed Abel in Gen 4:3-10. An Apostate man (one who’s Christ is dented, whose Christ spirit is transformed by one act or the other to that of an evil spirit e.g. a witch or a wizard) cannot reach the mind of God and Christ directly, that was why when Adam and Eve ate apple under Lucifer’s allurement (dictates) their spirit was transformed, which was what God was afraid could happen why He first warned them and they were barred from Eden, their earth heaven, and could not reach God any longer directly as they use to, they became Apostate humans. Only a Christ filled man can reach God directly. An Apostate man’s religion is a False Religion, that God does not respect nor accept Gen 4:5, the only True Religion is a Christ filled man’s Religion and that is the only Religion that is acceptable/respected of by the Almighty God Jehovah and His Christ Gen. 4:4. Cain was the first Apostate man (because the sperm(apple) that fertilized his egg in Eve’s womb) was that of Lucifer through the serpent while the sperm that fertilized Abel’s egg in Eve’s womb was that of Adam, remember theirs was a twin birth. Today, many Eves (women) egg are fertilized by the sperm of many Lucifer embodied spirit beings in human form in a dream state sex experience hence in the womb of their mothers boys or girls are already apostate humans, hence Jesus said, that which is born flesh is flesh and that which is born spirit is spirit. What I have just explained is the mystery, the strangeness of life which human cannot fathom, the Igbos only came close to understanding it when they said, Ofu nne na amu, mana ofu chi adighi eke. A mother gives birth to two sons but their spirit content are not the same. Two spirits brought about their fertilization in the womb. Apart from this happening purely in the spirit (dream experience), another way that apostate children enters the home of a Christ spirit filled man, is if the wife cheats and have adulterous relationship with an apostate man apart from her Christ spirit filled husband, this is why women have got to be very careful of how they have sexual relationship with other men apart from their husband especially when they know they want to make true babies, and those who are maintaining their fidelity keeping only to their Christ filled husband must be very prayerful when they are making babies, during their ovulation they should watch and pray so that these evil spirit being will not wear one familiar form(body) or the other and come and make love or have sex with them in the dream and fertilize their egg, after which they also have sex with their husband and be thinking that it is their husband’s sperm that fertilized the egg not knowing that the egg has already being fertilized during that dream sex experience producing an apostate child. Lucifer sometimes uses this means to plant his agents in a family using such children the’’ Omen boy’’ to undo the parents or to be a problem and fight any Christ filled child in the home and make his life difficult and possibly destroy him so that God will not be able to achieve His aims for creating the individual. This is the reason why through one events or the other God and Christ will create an apparent separation between the two different spirit filled children and one way or the other, the two will not agree in life putting them apart, which is the enmity of Gen. 3:15. When the measure of Christ in a woman is very high, such women should always be very careful and prayerful because they are always evil spirit targets since evil know that it is normally through such women that the Almighty God and Christ brings in His “sent” sons and daughters to earth, they too the evil spirit will want to bring in their own agents to earth to fight the ‘’sent’’ of God through these women, hence whenever these women are ovulating, let them watch it. Because spirits targets and disturbs a lot of these women because they are not strong in spirit or they don’t feed their spirit with the food of the spirit to grow and wax strong, the evil spirit disturbances on them have often been mistaken by many tribes who call such women names, the igbos call them “ogbanje”, the yourbas call them “abikun”. This state of being called or seen as an ogbanje or abikun is reached when the spirit and their disturbances in wanting to displace the Christ in the women becomes very difficult. If such a person is well informed all what she should do is to seek the services of good Christ filled man of God, in other words, to seek a good religion and not a false one. Today, in many of the places called house of God, church, prayer houses, etc, many of the people that heads them as general overseers are Cain-like, whose offerings (worship, thanksgiving, tithe) etc are not accepted by God. Anywhere you are worshipping, offer your thanksgivings and tithes, please try to know and find out if the head of such a place is Cain-like (false religion) see Gen.4:3-5.There are so many false religion in the world today, be very careful. Remember that in any church, worship arena, prayer houses etc. God relates to the congregation through the officiating priest, the prayers, worship, offering, thanksgiving and tithe of members of the congregation is normally presented to God through the intercessory prayers and activities of the officiating priest, God looks and sees the members of the congregation individually and collectively through the officiating priest, so the officiating priest offers and presents all their petitions, worships, offering, thanksgiving, and tithe to God, God accepts it and attends to them if the officiating priest is Abel-like and rejects it and do not have anything to do with them if the officiating priest is Cain-like. If you have been worshipping, praying, offering, giving thanks and paying your tithe, and you do not see the sign of opened windows and doors (genuine progress and prosperity, increase in what you do for a living) that God promised He will pour out to you. Evaluate yourself, your stand with God and Christ, your spirit content if you have apostatized? Evaluate your officiating priest to know who he or she is, an Apostate or a Christ filled man/woman of God, so that you will know if you will remain worshipping there or “come out of her… my people as demanded by God and Christ. In Egypt, famine hit the land, people cannot see food to eat, when eventually Joseph made food available by the help of the Holy Spirit, their money failed, they sold their lands and even themselves. Today, Greek economy and money has failed, natural forces: flood, earthquakes, heat and fire are consuming many nations, wars bringing about such huge amount of migrants that the whole of Europe are finding it difficult to take care of, the question is, can we see the warnings of all these things in the Bible? What preparation are we making to meet with and be with Christ and not be destroyed by any of it? Jesus said, it is not my will that any should perish…
The Bible is a very carefully arranged and written book (Word of God) so consistent and accurate hence no man has been able to fault it, otherwise many enemies of God and man would have found occasions if there were discrepancies and inconsistency to attack and throw the Bible out of context. No man can fault the word of God, because it has met the test of time, that is why the enemy the devil is trying all it can to see if it can use the carelessness, hyper activeness, lack of patience to search the word of God wanting to bring in some alterations, total removal and omission of certain information in some of the Bible Editions or Versions creating confusion in their effort to simplify what they call the old English of the KIV. The true child of God have got to be very careful, patiently searching and dividing the word of truth (God) until he/she attains the consistency that is in the word of God, which is God. For instance, when you go into the word of God in terms of Biblical names, you find out that when you compare the names in Gen. 29:31; 30:24; 49:3-27; Ex. 6:14-17; Num. 26:2-64, you will initially think that Jemuel in Gen. 46:10 is a different name from Nemuel in Num. 26:12, likewise Jachin in Gen. 46:10 and Jarib in 1 Chr. 4:24. Similarly Gershon in Gen. 46:11 is Gershom in 1 Chr. 6:16. So Jemuel Gen. 46:10 is the same as Nemuel in Num. 26:12. Jachin in Gen.46:10 is the same as Jarib in 1 Chr. 4:24 and Gershon in Gen. 46:11 is the same as Gershom in 1 Chr. 6:16. It is not uncommon for persons to have different names. Other names are changed in other parts of the Scripture, so it takes diligence, effort, willingness, love of God and zeal to know so much about Him to unravel these truth, which many people regard as inconsistencies, confusion and gaps in the word of God, whereas they are not. Again looking at the Number of Jacob’s house hold in terms of Himself, his sons and daughters and his grand sons with regards to his going into Egypt you will also discover varying records in the number as: 66 in Gen. 46:26; 70 in Gen. 46:27 and 75 as mentioned by Stephen in Acts 7:14. Any good memory Bible student or reader coming across these figures would tend to be confused but with so much diligence, carefulness, zeal to know the truth not for argument but to be well informed for you to stand properly with God and Jesus Christ (for Jesus said, he that is not with me is against me …). You will discover that the 66 did not include Jacob, or Joseph and his two sons in Egypt, where as the 70 did. You will discover again that the 75 included the 5 grandsons of Joseph, who are sons of Manasseh and Ephraim in Acts 7:14. It must be remembered that with regard to the figure 66, 2 of Judah’s sons died in Canaan, so they are not counted with those who went with Jacob into Egypt. Similarly Joseph and his sons were already in Egypt, so if you subtract 4 from 70 you will have 66. Remember that all the 70 souls in Gen. 46:27 does not include the wives of the sons and grandsons, nor the multitude of Jacob’s servants and their wives, children and parents since Jacob inherited all of his father Isaac properties and that of his grandfather Abraham so the household is a very large one already that went down to Egypt and became a nation according to God’s word Gen. 46:1-4. These are some of the issues that when one read them, if he or she is not well informed in the word of God, one will be thinking that there are inconsistencies in the Bible whereas there is not. One has got to be very careful when reading the word of God in some of the bible versions too. For instance, in matt.6:9 Our Father which ART in heaven… in the original King Games, you will find out that some bible like the Good News and the New International versions have removed the most important words in that sentence of the prayer, which ‘’ART’’. Also when you go to Rev.1:8, you will notice that ‘’I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending,...’’ have some other words added and shortened to read ‘I am THE ‘’Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the END, not ending’’, you notice that the word ENDING have been removed and replaced with the word ‘’END’’, with no ING, the word ‘’THE’’ has been added, whereas there is no THE in the original. When people come across this, they will be thinking it does not matter whereas it does, the bible seriously warned that no one should add nor remove anything from the word of God. So as you read the bible, be very watchful and mindful of what you read and consume. The word ‘’ENDING’’ brings out the everlastingness of God, whereas the word END, does not. God forbad Isaac not to go down to Egypt in Gen. 26:2 but now it was the time for the remainder of the prophecy of Gen. 15:13-14 to be fulfilled, so Israel (Jacob) was allowed by God to go down to Egypt Gen. 46:3. God has time for everything, and that is exactly where man has a problem with Him because man is always finding it difficult to follow God’s time table, and any time man fails to follow GOD’S time table, man finds himself in collision with the will of God and things go wrong. God knows the right time to permit us to do what He sees right in His overall plan for man all over the world and not jus you (man) as an individual that He is using as a tool. We compound for God His plan and render it so distorted any time we fail to seek and do what He wants. That is why it is good for man to try to know God the way God wants Himself known and all what He has said and done so far although history so that you will know where you fit and what exactly you are required to do and not to do in His overall plans for man and the universe. Jacob must have been aware that God forbad his father not to go down to Egypt and now Egypt matter has come again hence he sought His opinion in Gen. 46:1-4. How many of us will remember to do this? Because we are not privileged to stay with God where He reveals all the time, we do not have a store or filed revelations of future things which we have to watch out for. Recall, God had told Abraham in Gen. 15:13-15 about country where his people will be enslavished. And he obeyed God and did not move down to Egypt. Now many years after, Gen. 46:1-4, in Jacob’s time events has brought about the possibility of going down to Egypt again, what does Jacob do? Possibly he vividly remembered all what God has been saying about enslaving his people since the time of his great grandfather Abraham and his father Isaac. He knew that the only way out of this for them to stay out of trouble in years to come is to SEEK GOD, which he did in Gen. 46:1, and got an answer in Gen. 46:3 perhaps because God knew that Apepi, the pharaoh of Joseph and a shepherd king was in throne of Egypt at that time. God knows how to work out His plans through events but the problem is that the man who He is working out His plans for, do not know how to follow His workings, which often lands him into many troubles. It is true sometimes that the working of God and the path which sometimes He wants us to follow exposes us to some apparent troubles, pains and hardships but the truth remains that sometimes we are carried away, and if such being carried away has been captured and reflected in His word of prophecy then His word must be fulfilled and that was exactly what happened in Gen 15:13-15 and in Gen 47: 4, the express intention of God was to have them go down to Egypt until the famine was over and they come back to Canaan, but they received such a warm welcome from pharaoh Apepi that they stayed on until they were made slaves and were forced to stay, thus fulfilling Gen 15:13-15. Notice that in Gen 47:4 Joseph’s brethren answered pharaoh that they are come into Egypt because of the famine, so when the famine was over what did they do? The goodies of Egypt blindfolded them and benumbed their understanding. Today Egypt represents the canal world. By providence and the zeal to to satisfy a particular need God through events sends you into a particular part of the world, it is left for you to try and find out from God all about His sending you down there, which should include amid other things: the reason why He permits it, the nature of your stay there, what you are to avoid, how you should keep your identity, the main aim of His sending you there (in most cases to preserve you, prepare you really for more all important assignment that He is yet to put you in), then you must try and keep in mind the duration of your stay, should you miss out this time what happens? This brings us down to some life examples in our midst: • Cosmos was by events sent down to the northern part of Nigeria, somehow he was prospered, but when the duration of his stay climaxed, he could not read the divine writing in events as to peacefully arrange himself and leave honorably until he was nearly enslavished and killed but God saved him. Though he lost nearly all what God had blessed him with, which would have been substance that he would have quietly and peacefully transferred down from his Egypt (northern Nigeria, land of his sojourn) to his Canaan (somewhere in South-South or South-East Nigeria, his land of promise). • Mother Yemi was picked by events out of ungodly family at the age of 5 from the Midwest to Eastern Nigeria to a more godly family than the one she left where she was brought up in an oriental life style different from the apostate environment of her Midwest abode where she had her calling. Later she came back to Midwest with her ministry and had a very rough life sail, events later sent her back to the oriental Eastern Nigeria where she eventually established the headquarters of her ministry. The question is, was she not supposed to go back to the apostate home of her Midwest abode? Could it be why life was a little bit rough with her there? Was it why God had to bring her back to her former oriental Eastern Nigeria home where she left to come and establish her ministry? If she had remained in the Eastern Nigeria all through without going back to the Midwest would she have avoided what constituted the roughness of her life in the Midwest? Could she have met with Obi? Could it be that her going back to Midwest despite its roughness was to meet with Obi? At the age of 5, would she have known all that is expected to be known in the plans of God for her life? Could all this be why prophet Hosea lamented that God’s children are destroyed for lack of knowledge? Then how do we come about the knowledge that prophet Hosea is talking about? Paul told Timothy, to study, approve yourself a servant worthy of dividing the word of truth (word of God). The word of God is our only guide of life. • Who is Obi? Obi started being aware of his God and the Lord Jesus Christ at the early part of his life. It was then in his secondary school days he has already developed the act of seeking God and wanting to hear from Him. It was in one of such quest that he had his first motor accident and the incident was picked by the Holy Spirit and he and his friend was saved with just minor injuries. When he completed his secondary career, the Holy Spirit told Him through a prophet of God to be patient and take it easy when he started looking for a job very seriously that He the Holy Spirit wants to prepare a place for him where he will stay (work) and have all what God has for him in providence. That revelation became my guide, and truly events moved the 1st job was a security job, I did not like it, I left. The 2nd job was in a civil construction company, it was better than the 1st, from this 2nd job, events paved way for the 3rd job which has turned up to be actually the place the Holy Spirit prepared for me. I have got virtually all what I needed in life from here. Then came with my meeting with Mother Yemi, it was from the proceeds from the 3rd job that saw us through during our missionary and even to our being established here in the Eastern Nigeria. Mine may be because of that earlier revelation that served as my guide has been a smooth sailing type unlike Mother Yemi’s. According to Mother Yemi , where, may be her own would have sailed smooth too if she had followed an earlier revelation concerning her first marriage, where the Holy Spirit told her that Charles was not her husband but because the officiating priest, turned around and started making passes at her, asking her hands in marriage, she took the Holy Spirit word that Charles was not her husband to mean that the officiating priest gave her those words to dissuade her from marrying Charles. It was her marriage with Charles that brought about all the hardship which she experienced in working for God and that marriage eventually broke up when she narrowly missed being killed by Charles with a knife after she narrowly also missed being killed through a poisoned bottle of ginger ale that was planted for her in her fridge. The poisoned ginger ale bottle was used to replace the one she put in the fridge herself since they knew that it was one of her favorite drinks. The question, if she obeyed not marry Charles, what would have happened between her and the officiating priest of her church then? Would Obi have come into the picture? Time, maturity, love for Christ and a readiness to follow as He leads through His words and revelations crowned with patience and forbearance are key to making it in life. • Through certain revealed utterances, Mother Yemi guided and prepared Eileen, whom she fondly calls Ngo. Some of her words in the Holy Spirit to Eileen are: Ngo who is this man that wants to wear you an evil ring…. No I remove it said the Lord, and I wear you my own ring. Ngo, Obinna does not know whose house he came to today … Oh Obinna do not fight me. Ngo is this how you are going to take care of my house? Ngo, as from today do not leave my house if the officiating priests have not left. Bibian, you, Chinyere and others should not take Ngozi home if she has not finished with closing up the windows and doors of the church. Ngozi what are you still doing in your father’s house? Do you want to be burnt together with your children in that house? “Okay” Ngozi, I have seen that you do not want to leave that house so bring me water, let me use it and save you and your children when that house will eventually go in flames.” Using water to save Ngozi and children was a capture of reluctance of Ngozi to leave the house. Sometimes the Holy Spirit makes up for our inabilities, and our shortsightedness. That one single act of not leaving the house as and when due resulted to so many sufferings and seemingly hardship. The question does it mean that Eileen did not understand those divine utterances as to know that the Lord has need of her? Are the divine utterances not clear enough? Does Eileen know Spiritual things at all? Mother Yemi thought that the officiating priest does not want her to marry Charles because himself wants her so what could be Eileen’s own thinking, especially with the issue of her leaving her father’s house, with the issue of the man and the evil ring? Any mind that is not well informed with the issues of the divine spirit utterances, have got many things to think about whenever it is confronted with divine spiritual utterances and have too many acts to display. Israel (Jacob) forgot himself in the world of Egypt until he fell into slavery, which is exactly what every natural man will do, unless propelled to act otherwise. • Obi was given a 4th job in the NNPC Refinery with a far more work benefits, seven thousand basic salary that when the various allowances are added into it becomes such a huge amount of money for a young man just out from secondary school. A new Peugeot 504 car was part of the incentives. Obi refused all these and decided to stay with his PTI job that is about eighty-four naira basic salary. He reason when his father, mother and friends were quarrelling with him on why he should make such a choice, was that the NNPC job will derail him and make him forget that he has deficiency in his education in certain subjects that will not enable him to get into the university, and so he wants to remain in the PTI job that is an academic environment so that he will read properly to make up for those subjects. The question will be if Obi had accepted the NNPC job would it have been likened to Israel forgetting herself after the famine was over to go back to Canaan and being held in slavery in Egypt? I think that the answer to this question is a big yes, and so it is with many young youths of today. If you do not have an inward divine spirit guide, your life is bound to be distorted out of course and this will lead to your being derailed. Some causes of this derailment in people could be due to not having enough word of God, not surrendering to Jesus early in one’s life, not having good parents that will give you a sound moral in line with teaching a child the way he should go so that when he grows he will not depart from it, having a mind of one’s own that cannot be waived by pear-group, being focused, knowing what you want just like Obi who is lover of education right from his youth hence no one could persuade him to toe a course of life that he knows will make him to forfeit his education. He saw his small salary job of eighty four (84) naira basic to have the environment that will enhance his chances of furthering his education. The English proverb says “as you make your bed so shall you lie on it.” • Many people made their bed very wrongly in life and when it is time to lie on it as made, they begin to look for whom to blame. A young man in the university got mixed up with wrong friends who led him into bad way of life. This bad lifestyles has landed him into trouble several times and yet he does not know how to rid himself of the addiction, his time is wasting, the period of available resources to sustain him in the university fast reducing. When called to attention he will tell you he does not know what has come over him. The question, is it true that the young man does not know what has come over him? You see, success with Jesus Christ begins when you are ready to tell yourself the truth. The word of God says, thou shall tell the truth and the truth shall set you free. The freedom of this young man lies on his identifying his problem first which is his bad friends, isolate himself from them, then begin to find ways of dealing with his addiction to stop gradually and finally, what I have just said centers on having a strong ability to take decision, which is having a mind of your own. Many individuals do not have a mind of their own, their friends, siblings, decide for them. In life according to God’s dealing with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, there is nothing wrong with going down into Egypt, provided you do so with God’s command. Having God’s command means that you must have the Spirit of God in you and have His fear in your life to the extent that His fear decides what you do in your life. This automatically means that you must be on the side of Jesus Christ. He said, “He that is not with me is against me.” Egypt represents the world of today and Jesus reminded us of God’s dealings with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, when He said, you are in the world but not of the world. In other words, He tries to remind you to be careful because if you delve into the world anyhow, too deep, too long, loving virtually everything you see in it, oh my child, Egypt will enslave you at the long-run, the world will swallow you all up and destroy the Christ in you leaving you an apostate, a depraved man (man and woman) that Jesus Christ will have little or no use of. Think of where you have become useless in the hands of your Creator. That is the state Jesus longs to save us from.